Monday, November 07, 2005

The Hebrew Song

How I Love Hebrew
(Hava Nagila)

1. Hebrew, how I love Hebrew
It’s written backwards, in ancient text OY VEY!

Aleph, bet, gimel, dalet, heh, vav
Zayin, chet, tet, yod, kaph, lamed

Mem, nun, samech, ayin, pe, pe tsadi
Tsadi, qoph, resh, sin, shin, tav

2. There are no vowels in Hebrew
Just dots and dashed below or above

Vowels have, only 3 classes
2 a’s and 3’I’s and 3 u’s

patah, qames, segol, sere, hireq
qibbus, holem, and qames hatup

3. Sometimes vowels need their matres
heh, vav and yod make vowels sound long

Vav and yod, can be within words
But heh can only be at the end

Sureq vav is another "u" sound
And when you look you see shewas all around

Hebrew how I love Hebrew
It’s written backwards, in ancient text


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Reformation - Luther

(To the tune of the Addam's Family)

Halloween (snap, snap), 1517 (snap, snap),
95 theses on the door at Wittenburg (snap, snap)

The reformation started,
from the Catholic Church they parted,
for the contrite hearted,
Luther in Germany

Fredrick "the Wise" defended,
Pope’s authority up-ended,
Leipzig debates were ended,
Luther was condemned.

Edict of Worms (snap, snap), Condemns reforms (snap, snap),
Luther could be, killed on sight, that was the norm (snap, snap)

Charles the 5th wore the crown,
Luther’s writings all around,
the reformation abounds,
as Luther is kidnapped

Revolt of the Peasants (snap, snap), right to shoot pheasants (snap, snap),
Thomas Muntzer violent and radical, death wasn’t pleasant (snap, snap)

1st Diet of Speyer,
regulation by each sire,
to do as they desired,
in 1526.

Believers in Christ’s name,
church to believe the same,
"Godly prince" soon became
Luther’s church order

Speyer 2 diet (snap, snap), Catholics didn’t buy it (snap, snap),
Resolved to enforce, Edict of Worms, hoped Luther would bite it (snap, snap)

Lutherans lodged a protest,
they came to an impasse,
Protestant described them the best
Luther’s church reform (snap, snap)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Medieval Church History

(To the tune of Greased Lightening)

Why this time period is iconoclastic
It’s theocratic, It’s problematic, Why it’s The Medieval Church!

Gregory the Great is the start of the Medieval age (6th century, whoa, 6th century)
Then in the 8th was the Donation of Constantine (Pope Stephen, crowning Pepin)
Charlamange, his son, then the Treaty of Verdun
On his death the empire split between his fighting sons
In the 9th century

Leo the IX and King Henry the 3rd came next (11th century, yeah 11th century)
Hildebrand became Pope Gregory the 7th (under King Henry ,the 4th.)
Gregorian Reforms and Concordat at Worms
Investiture could no longer be the norm
the 12th century

Apostolic Life movement came on the scene oh yeah (evangelical awakening)
Cathars, Waldensians, and Beguines shake up the place (don’t forget the franciscans)
Lay leadership and apostolic poverty
Some faded and others were accused of heresy
The church goes on at the turn of the 14th century

Frederick the 2nd got the crown when Otto IV was deposed
(By Pope Innocent, the 3rd)
Philip the Fair and Boniface the VIII (Boniface revoked his power)
Boniface, … proclaimed, Unam Sactam (circa 1302)

Clement the V moved the papacy to Avignon (it lasted for 70 years)
The Great Western Schism started in the 14th century (another 40 years)
After Pisa, there were 3 popes
Sigismund, called Constance
15th Century

John Wycliff and the Lollards in England (denied Transubstantiation)
Jan Hus and the Utraquists in Bohemia (He was burned at the stake)
Vernacular Bible, Communion…in 2 forms
It was the beginning of church reform

beginning, beginning, beginning, beginning
Of the refor…ma….tion The Reformation

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some Silly Theology Songs...

A couple people asked, so here are a couple songs that were written during SYS II last spring.

BARTH BARTH BABY (to Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby")

Yo Theology, Let’s kick it

Barth, Barth Baby,
Karl Barth, Barth Baby

All right stop, books down and listen
Barth is back and here is my position

Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Jesus is the center of theology rightly

Natural Theology, I say NO
Only through Christ can God we know
Come to know Christ and the 3 fold form of the Word
Learn about God , God’s love is absurd.

Sin, is the unreal reality
nothingness, ontological impossibility
Creation, Mozart's musicality
There is shadow and light in tonality
Jesus, Jesus Christ is the true man
Judge judged in our place was the real plan
Any doctrine of theology, go take a look
In church dogmatics and my many books.

(I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General - Gilbert and Sullivan)

I am the very model of a student of theology
Reading all the time and working on doxology
Schleiermacher writes that we are utterly dependant
And when we’re in God consciousness the world is quite resplendent

Evans speaks of sin as the believer dislocation
He holds that context is the key of all explanations
Christ is the great physician and diseased with sin is our state
Wesley’s heart was warmed in May at Aldersgate

Barth says that sin’s impossible , Christ is judged in our place
He is the revelation and salvation of the human race
Then there is Jones and Lakeland that is the book that’s really new
Theologians from all over our Dave and Cindy too.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Early Church Council Song (Tune of Gilligan's Island)

The Council of Nicaea was held in 325
It was called by Constantine since Arius’s view didn’t jive
Arius said Christ isn’t God, the council said you’re wrong
Homoousious is the way to go, your view does not belong.

Then it’s in Constantinople in 381
Apollinaris is the next to go, his view to be undone
The council was convened by Theodosius the first
Apollinaris said Christ’s not human, this view was dispersed.

The 3rd council in 431 was at Ephesus
Christ is 2 separate people was claimed by Nestorius
This was the first of the councils called by Theodosius number 2
The robber council of 449 was Ephesus II

451 at Chalcedon was the last of councils called
for declaring Christ is 1 nature, Eutyches in was hauled
Pulcheria and Marcian affirmed Leo’s tome
Constantinople though 2nd is equal in honor to Rome.

These are the imperial councils of the early church
Through them orthodoxy was defined as for Christ they did search
The councils were designed to refute all opposition
That is why now we have the Chalcedonian Definition.